Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Links

So you want to create a podcast @ Real Simple - Simply Stated
Lots of great getting-started info that I didn't know. Not that anyone has any need to listen to me ramble on in a podcast of any kind.

Feed the Birds! @ The Crafty Cow
Cute and easy birdfeeder ideas...this is a great time of year for these!

Blog I came across this week, attached to an online shop for "bag making fanatics." She just started a posting series on "Bag making for newbies" that has lots of great info.

Pattern for Heart Yo-Yo @ Penny Sanford
Yo-yo's are really hot right now, and this is a cute heart-shaped yo-yo tutorial. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Fat Quarter Purse Tutorial @ we wilsons
I was really excited to see this tutorial - I have gobs of fat quarters that are never big enough for one project. Two of my favorite places to get fat quarters when fabric shopping with my mom: Stitcher's Garden in Franklin, TN and Patches and Stitches here in Huntsville.

kate’s fabric boxes @ Design*Sponge
Another great fabric project. I am a big fan of using any kind of container for throwing stuff in around the house - it just helps me feel more organized, even when I know I'm not. We have baskets, ceramic platters, and boxes all over in different rooms.

Molly's Sketchbook: Valentines! @ the purl bee
CUTE Valentine's inspiration - I love love love the little stitched felt hearts.

Tea Wallets @ Chickpea Sewing Studio
This is a great gift idea - and I really want the elephant fabric she used here! See the original tutorial here: Tea Wallet Tutorial @ Christy's Creations.

The $1 Memorable Christmas Present @ Away to Me
Using photos to personalize a Rubiks cube. Bonus: this blogger is a local!

Craft & Hobby Association, and their child websites Teacher Place and Craft Place
The crafty blogosphere has been going nuts this week posting pictures and updates from their trip to the huge CHA trade show this week. I am so totally jealous. Also: their child websites have some great resources.

Paloma's Nest
Beautiful, completely unique creative works - lots of custom pieces available in her etsy shop. "Ceramic bowls, tiles, and decorative pieces are intended to last for generations, and so they are crafted with the finest natural materials available, including porcelain and clay, wood, paper, and cloth."

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