Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday Links

Probably too many links to hold your attention today, but I can't help myself.

Printer-Friendly Grocery Shopping: Brown Paper Seed Packet Business Cards Tutorial
Excellent idea. Good promotion for springtime or Earth Day...or as party favors?

Prepare for any marketing or promotion opportunity with a customizable 'media kit'
Jeff Fisher, how I want to be you.

jcaroline creative
Great online shop full of fabrics, notions, supplies, etcetera. Great How-To's and sale stuff, too!

Recycled Crafts at Confessions of an OCD Knitter
Jewelry made out of dead Starbuck's gift cards. Genius and beautiful.

National Watermelon Promotion Board: Carvings & Fun Ideas
Once you get past the astonishing fact that we actually have a National Watermelon Promotion Board...this is a fabulous list of ideas for serving watermelon at a party.

Make an online mix tape.

Straight Line Designs
Amazing furniture - check out the galleries.

Right Brain Business Plan
They didn't teach me this kind of plan in the entrepreneurship class I took in school...

Container Garden Flickr Set
Brick wall garden made out of painted tin cans. Love it.

mobile is born at still dottie
Yall know I love some good papercraft - this is a cute recycled paper mobile.

5 Very Good Things to Make Out of Seashells at Curbly from Martha Stewart
I like seashells, but I could never commit to actually decorating a room with them. They're just too seasonal to me. (I think my sister and I had this conversation when I visited her a few weeks ago.) But these ideas are cute - I like the string lights the best.

2008 Logo Trends at
Pretty stunning. Plus, I love Logo Lounge. :)

Vietnamese-Style Coffee on a Stick
Now I need to buy some popsicle forms.

Little Landscapes Instructions
I can't stand how cute this idea is!! I've always loved miniatures.

Simple Tea Towel Apron
Cute idea. Another one of those things, like placemats, for which you know there must be a genius craft use.

Best Design Articles from May 2008 at Just Creative Design
Because I can't say no to a good list. !!!


  1. When you make me some coffee popsicles, I'd like mocha please. I bet if you added cream they would be like orange creamsicles except coffee.

  2. Your favorite sisterJune 7, 2008 at 1:39 PM
    You best plan on entering that movie logo!

  3. Your favorite sisterJune 7, 2008 at 1:43 PM

    A) You better enter that new logo!

    B) I have popsicle forms from my "make bridger wholesome juicicles" phase

  4. Love the links as usual! The MixWit site looks ultra cool. Have you checked out yet? Thought it might benefit you with your collages and things you make for sale.

  5. Love the links as usual! I can't wait to try out MixWit! Have you checked out Etsy's site yet? Thought it might be of use to you with your handmade creations!

  6. You better enter your movie-ish logo in that LogoMotives contest!

    I have popcsicle molds from my "bridger needs healthy snacks ala juice popscicles" stage


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