Tuesday, June 3, 2008

so that the first thing you see is not my nasty tub

I had to make another post.

Well, poor Nathan is sick. He has got some kind of upper respiratory infection and laryngitis. It's pretty pitiful...he hasn't much been able to talk in days. Doctor made him stay home today, so I'm sure he's curled up in his chair with his laptop and the tv on. Feel better, babe!

Other than that, just working, working, working. I feel like I am never not on the computer or working - it's good, great actually to have the work, but I've been having some terrible tension headaches this week. Here's to hoping that they subside. Maybe it's the weather.

Saturday, we are planning on having my friend Benae and her boyfriend Michael over to grill out in the backyard. I can't wait. We've been trying to grill out for weeks, but either weather or sickness or other things have gotten in the way. Benae says she's bringing her killer potato salad. YES!

Well, suppose this is a long enough entry to distract from the gross bathtub pictures? Maybe.

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