Friday, July 13, 2007

Back to the Real World

Hello out there! Nathan and I decided to start a blog together to sort of chronicle our new life together as a married couple. Hopefully we will do well keeping up with it and it will be fun to look back on! The big day was 7/7/07, so it will be a week as of tomorrow. We had an amazing honeymoon in Nashville -- hopefully we will be able to post pictures soon! We don't have internet at home until Monday, so we are making do for now.

Last night we cooked and ate our first "real" dinner, on our new plates with our new forks. We had some leftover corn and shrimp from the Cajun food at the reception...I cut the corn off the cob, peeled the shrimp, chopped it all up together, and threw it in a stir fry pan with butter and some random seasonings. I also had some frozen peas. It ended up being pretty good! I let Nathan have most of the shrimp and he used plenty of hot sauce (what's new) and added a hunk of sausage he found in the fridge. (My parents went out of town for a few weeks and we got to raid their kitchen!) I seasoned mine up just with some salt and pepper. Yum!

We spent almost all afternoon and evening working around the house. We have this sketchy little shed out back that the previous tenants left their garage sale junk in, so Nathan cleaned it out and we moved some of the stuff from our laundry "room" (read: uninsulated back porch) out there. I spent a long time just putting stuff away, hanging some stuff up, and doing some laundry. How domestic of us. We finished off the evening with one of our favorite movies....Joe Dirt. We are the picture of class.

Anyway, today is Friday which means two things: Jeans day at work; and payday. Hoorah! We have a big day planned tomorrow and I am super excited. We are heading up to Fayetteville and Lynchburg early to pick up some purchases we made last weekend...more on that later ;) Then in the afternoon, we are going out to my boss's house for a cookout with the people in my multimedia group -- should be lots of fun! Later at night we are planning on having out Jason and hopefully Jessica to see the house and chill with our buddies. I'm convinced they're next to get engaged, but what do I know ;)

Well, today should be a pretty quiet day. I am so looking forward to the weekend. After we get our computer hooked up next week, we will be able to post pictures. Until then!


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  1. Hey there! I am sitting with Grandma at her dining room table in Buena Vista writing this. Your first dinner sounds good, hot sauce and all. Dad and I ate at the Mexican Coyote Cantina here in town after we took a walk along the river. Tonight it is dinner at Quincy's. Can't wait to see your new furniture.


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