Friday, October 11, 2013

New work! Layered Flower Clip in SCC Gifts

I've been holding off on sharing this until I knew copies were for sale in most locations - a new special edition of SCC, Stitch Craft Create Gifts, that I am proud to have edited!

Oh hey! There's my face. (Still weird to see myself in print. Georgia thinks it's hilarious - "I see Mommy's pitcher!") This is a really fun multicrafts pub that rounds out at 144 pages. It's got a little bit of everything - sewing, jewelry, papercrafts, knit & crochet, etcetera.  

Oh hi again, there's my little flower clip project on the table of contents! I just love this felt & fabric clip turned out. The layers of fabric are made stiff with a fusible interfacing, and each layer has a different embroidered or buttoned embellishment that combine in what is really substantial handmade accessory. It's super easy to make, and though it's included in the magazine's DIY giftwrap section, it comes with an alligator clip so that you can snap it onto a bag, a blouse or a headband. 

The rest of the issue is really phenomenal, if I do say so myself. Our designer Courtney does nothing but top-notch work, and the whole edition is pure eye candy. And truthfully, everything is so DOABLE. There is no lack for functional projects that you would not only actually have a reason and desire to make, but be able to pull off in a short amount of time and with what you have on hand.

I think my absolute favorite project is Angela Bowman's Watercolor Patchwork Hoops. This technique is just so cool - and surprisingly easy. I can't wait to try it. She also has some other versions she's made on her blog, like this gorgeous zipper pouch and this beautiful green and white hoop.

I also love Alma de la Melena Cox's fused fabric artwork, using her Telamadera Fusion technique. I learned about Alma's work after my mom told me about an interview she did on The Quilt Show. I went to look her up, and fell in love. Bonus? She is incredibly kind and generous. There are so many more projects in here from other amazing women I've met through my work on SCC - Danielle, Kristi, Jen, Heidi, please, run out and check out SCC Gifts. It's a keeper!


  1. Aw thanks Shannon! And yes, I agree the magazine issue is outstanding. Excellent job!


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