Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hope Spoken Link-Up

Today I'm participating in the Hope Spoken Link-Up, a conference I'll be attending in March. Visit to learn more!

A selfie I just took and an introduction: Hi, Hope Spoken ladies! I am so excited to be linking up with all of you, and even more excited to meet you face-to-face in March. My name is Shannon Miller and I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I'm 28 years old, married to my sweet, tall, Southern gentleman husband, Nathan, for 6 years, and we have two adorably wild babies: Georgia, who is 2-1/2, and Ryland, who is almost 1-1/2. Yes, you're reading that right that my children are 14 months apart - to the day. Yes, they were planned and no, I have no idea what we were thinking. But they are amazing and hilarious and bring so, so much joy to our lives.


I work in crafts publishing as an editor/art director. Previously, I was the founding editor of Stitch Craft Create magazine (which is actually how I became friends with Danielle Burkleo, a Hope Spoken cohost, who contributed to every issue of SCC), and currently, I serve a dual support role for Sew Beautiful magazine. Right now, I'm also writing my first book! It's a papercrafts book, and is coming out next fall from North Light.

Something I'm nervous about: I am literally frightened that my faith won't match up with so many other women that will be at this conference. I'm used to attending craft industry conferences for work, or corporate events - events that are about representing a brand, not events that are all about representing your innermost self! My relationship with God is relatively new, fragile and full of doubt. I barely go to church. Sometimes I wonder if I should even come to Hope Spoken because of that - it seems like a big commitment to make for something I'm so unsure about - but part of my also feels like that is all the more reason to come. I'm hopeful that I'm making the right decision and eager to see what comes of it.

Something I hope to take away from Hope Spoken: I think I'm most excited for a chance to connect with other women one-on-one in the small group sessions, and I hope that I form some new friendships that can continue to grow! I have very little faith-based connections to other women my age locally, so I am excited to see what I'm missing out on.

Something fun/random about me: I drink way too much coffee and Diet Coke, I cannot stick to a diet to save my life and I wear jeans every single day. I am not a huge fan of chocolate and I love to laugh. I have dreams about being a ballerina, even though I probably couldn't touch my toes if I tried. I was a gymnast when I was young, though, and I always said that if I ever met a boy with the last name "Miller," that I would marry him so that I could be "Shannon Miller," just like my favorite gymnast. So later, at 19, I met my husband on a blind date and decided to tell him that story when we met. Like a crazy person who is trying to scare a man away. But -- I guess that worked out in my favor in the end, because we've been together nearly 10 years since that day. ;)

I guess I've covered all of it - I'm excited to meet all of you in March! :)


  1. May I just encourage you that there is no such thing as a super-Christian and just the fact that you are coming and open to what the Lord has for you, this is the BEST place to be, in my humble opinion. If you come seeking Him, you will find Him. xoxo

  2. Girl! I barely go to church, either. It's during nap time, for Pete's sake! Everybody has a different walk. You just come on! Can't wait to meet ya!

  3. I think it's so awesome that you're coming! Thank goodness for His love and grace (that I need on the regular!). On a side note: maybe some of your craftiness will rub off on me because I definitely lack in that area - my poor girls. Looking forward to meeting you!

  4. It's funny because I think even when you are relatively new to your faith, when you look back on your life and see all the crazy things that have happened because the stars just seemed to align... I feel like that's God. He pursues us constantly! When we're strong, when we're weak, ALL. THE. TIME. I can't tell you how many times I would start my prayers out with, "God... If there is a God...". There was a part of my soul that always knew He was there, even when my mind couldn't wrap around it. I feel like even from the beginning He puts things on our heart, even when we aren't believers, things that will lead us to Him. Who knows, maybe the Miller thing means you were just walking out life how He knew you would and should! I think that's such a sweet story.


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