Saturday, May 11, 2013

plans...big plans [before pictures]

Before Ryland was born, we switched rooms around in our house so that he could have the nursery, Georgia could have our old room and we could move into the "Man Room." Our room is still in a sad state of disarray, and though Georgia's room is not a total mess, it's a long way from being all decorated (at least the way I see it in my head). We made a lot of progress when my mom made her new curtains and my parents bought her a rug for Christmas, but the walls are still almost totally blank, and I really want to get that squared away. I especially have big dreamy plans for this wall:

I have an Ikea brand wire + clips curtain "rod" I want to hang low over the record bench where she can display her artwork, and then I keep envisioning a salon gallery-style arrangement above that. We have a collection of some posters and artwork, and I have some canvases prepped for more. Of course, in my head, this is all so much more perfect and amazing than it will be in real life, but whatever. Georgia will like it. (Speaking of real life, how about that mess, eh? This is actually pretty clean compared to usual.)

There's also a space above her little bookshelf where I plan to hang all her little circular items - we have a handful of framed hoops and some little plates that I think will look cute here. On the wall to the right, I'm not sure yet - it's an odd space because the bathroom door covers half of it when it's open (which is most of the time).

I don't hate what we have going on over by the crib - it's a cute corner shelf that I painted gray, and there are some little collectibles on it. Then there is a baby picture of her on the left, and her yellow Andy Warhol high heel print I got for her nursery. I guess these might stay, but I need a way to incorporate some more color. Everything is still primarily yellow and gray from her original nursery, but I don't want to limit it and I plan in starting to pop in some blues, reds and greens like in the rug.

Anyway, over on the right is her glider - which is covered in quilts to protect it from Spike the cat, who pretty much lives on it. There are a couple shelves that used to be above her changing table, but they're not very useful anymore and I may take them down to put some other artwork in its place.

So that's that - I have some neat pieces I've been saving to go up when I get ready to "do" her room, and I can't wait to put them to use. Now that Ryland is a little older and the kids are getting easier to manage, I can see me finally having the time to spend on it! And speaking of house projects, we are spending lots more time in our dining room with ever before having family meals, and I've got to do something with this mess.

We bought paint a few years ago that we never used - gray for the bottom and a light blue for the top - and I plan on either reusing some old red curtains I have, or making some new curtains. The table and china cabinet will stay, but the Coca-Cola cooler may go somewhere else for storage. We've got some art ready to go up (mostly Civil War prints of Nathan's), and I truly hate the chandelier - I at least want to paint it or something.

For perspective, here is from the dining room window facing the kitchen. That's the door to our pantry on the left, and the jukebox poking out from behind the wall in the hallway going into the kitchen.

So that's what's on my docket for house projects in the next few months. I'll keep you posted as I work on Georgia's room especially!

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