Thursday, March 7, 2013

What we're eating: Breakfast


As promised (weeks ago), I am going to start sharing some of our healthy eating options we've been using at our house since the first of the year. We're both on a health kick - partly for weight loss, but mostly to just be healthier in general for ourselves, our kids and our future. We know that we get away with making unhealthy choices because of our age, but that won't last forever. I've been doing Weight Watchers (online), which I love and had a lot of success with a few years ago pre-kids. Nathan's just tracking his food using MyFitnessPal, which never worked for me because I found it to be too restricting and I was always starving -- but to each his own! And we're both hitting the gym. He's always been a workout warrior, but I just joined a health club close to our house for the first time in years and years. I have no idea what I'm doing, but there are individual TV's on the cardio machines, which is pretty amazesauce. I'm trying to work up the courage to try a class - I don't know what it intimidates me so badly.

Anyway, one of the biggest changes for us is that I have been cooking us breakfast nearly every day. We have been destroying some eggs, and we've been going through our favorite staple veggies (mushrooms, onions and tomatoes) like crazy.


One thing I have been love, love, loving is these cheap little egg rings. I have read negative reviews about how they stick (I've never had that problem with plenty of cooking spray) and that they leak (just a tiny bit, but nothing horrible), and they've made it really easy for us to make breakfast sandwiches. These are awesome for us because we can eat them on the go, whether we're running around the house getting ready with kids under our feet, or driving to drop the kids off at grandparents' houses or school on the way to work.


I tried bagel thins once or twice, but as much as I love bagels, I just didn't love them. They seemed too dry and tasteless to me. We have both been really enjoying Arnold brand Sandwich Thins though, of which we like the multigrain and flax versions. For mine, usually I put a slice of part-skim mozzarella cheese down and top it with a hot egg, which melts it a little; then sometimes, I'll throw on some additional veggies like some mushrooms and onions that I've sauteed on the side of the same pan. Nathan likes to load his up with jalapenos and hot sauce (yuck to me, but whatever floats his boat!)

Other times, I'll make a bunch of eggs omelet style with half and half whole eggs and egg whites. We like to mix in chopped up mushroom, onion, spinach and/or tomato and a little fresh minced garlic, and we'll split it up to eat either by itself or on sandwich thins.

Chopped up Hormel turkey pepperoni is yummy in eggs too, and really low in fat and WW points. Occasionally, I've used turkey or venison, ground or sausage, since we usually have deer on hand in the freezer or leftovers from supper.

Cheese-wise, if I'm not serving the eggs with a slice of low fat mozzarella, I'll chop up a wedge of WW cheese (it's just like Laughing Cow wedges) which melts down really nicely and adds some rich flavor. Or, I'll just add some straight sharp cheddar, chopped up really tiny - you use so little that it hardly adds points value or calories at all.


Of course, we do love scrambled eggs as well, which are fantastic on a whole wheat tortilla. I've also tried the "Extreme Wellness" sundried tomato tortillas, which I wasn't a huge fan of for burritos (they just seemed a little too moist or something, and fell apart really easily) though they tasted pretty good.


If I have to grab something to eat at work instead of cooking at home, I like Greek yogurt with granola and sugar free fruit preserves. A go-to for me is a 1/2 cup fat free plain Greek yogurt, a 1/4 cup Bear Fit granola (I like the vanilla flavor) and a tablespoon or two of Smucker's sugar free raspberry preserves. Mixed all together, it sweetens the yogurt and has tons of protein.

So there's my boring breakfast food post. :) What do you do for breakfast on a healthy-eating diet?

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