Saturday, March 19, 2011

nursery progress: almost done!

yellow & gray elephant nursery

Baby gir's nursery is so close to done, I can taste it. A few more odds and ends and I think I can call it so. Woohoo! It's been awhile since I shared progress on the blog so I took advantage of the pretty light this morning to snap a few shots as-is. It's filled in quite a bit isnce the last time I showed it off. From here, you can see I've gotten art hung above the chair - a yellow and gray high heel print, and a grouping that includes a vintage-looking clock from my sister, a painting by my sister and a precious elephant print from a friend of mine.

changing table corner with new shelves, yellow ikea lamp and embroidery hoop art

The changing table corner has had the most work - and I finally feel like it's coming together into a usable form. First of all, the new yellow lamp from Ikea - love love love! Then, I had to do some surgery on my changing table pad to make it fit onto the Sniglar table. Uh yeah, apparently standard changing table pads won't fit Ikea tables. Ikea does sell a changing pad, but it is this weird inflatable thing that only has 2 (not cute) cover choices, and I really like the contoured one I was given off of my registry from Babies r Us. Rather than return it and try to find one short enough to fit (which I discovered would be easier said than done) I got creative and hacked about 6 inches off of the end of this one - staight through the plastic cover and foam insides. After using white duct tape to close off the cut end, the pad cover still fits great, and now the pad sits nice and snugly on top of the table. Voila.

I also got some plastic bins on clearance at Target to use as storage under the top shelf to hold baby soaps/lotions, baby medical stuff, and breastfeeding stuff. And her cute bathtub conveniently fits right underneath. The shelf is new, too - I realized we were going to need easy access to wipes, so that's my solution - they can sit on the shelf where Bunny is right now so we won't have to lean down looking for them at every change (seemed like a nightmare).

framed fabric embroidery hoop art

I also finally got my framed fabric embroidery hoops all done and hung - and I'm really happy with it! They were super cheap and easy to make (I followed this tutorial), and I love how they fill out that wall. I will definitely be using this idea elsewhere in the house.

little yellow and gray trays and yellow elephant

Our little old side table that Nathan's mom got us at a yard sale a few years ago is now at home next to my glider chair. I had good intentions of painting it, but I don't see that happening. My favorite is the little trays I collected - the striped one from Ikea, and the cute egg plate from a shop in Atlanta called Star Provisions - plus a vintage yellow elephant planter from my mom's collection. Our basket full of pregnancy & baby books, magazines, and class papers are stashed underneath.

crib blanket from mom

Also new is this awesome crib quilt from my mom that she made using the excess trimmed pieces from the bigger quilt she is making for Georgia. It is 100% perfect and I feel spoiled to be getting not one, but two of my mom's amazing quilts just for the nursery. I know Georgia will cherish it like I do.

elephant mobile, stacked elephant art from mom and new ikea lamp

Also from my mom is the stacked elephant art hanging in this corner of the room - it's made of embroidered wool felt elephants and turned out so sweetly. I got a second Ikea lamp for the smaller yellow shade I bought previously and set it up in this corner of the room. I think it helps give a little focus to this corner; since it was completely empty before, the stacked elephants seemed like they were just floating there.

As for the bookshelf, this is as much as you're allowed to see right now because it's a total disaster area at the time. Lots of excess hardware, unopened linens and the like, stacks of unorganized books, etc. Getting the shelves squared away is next on my list, as well as hanging some blinds. Almost ready for baby girl!


  1. How cute! You've done some amazing things, friend!

  2. Oh my goodness. This is just the cutest nursery I've ever seen. Did your Mom make that stacked elephant picture? I love it! You must be counting down the minutes.

  3. Love this! I'm planning an elephant nursery for my daughter due in October.

  4. This is adorable! I wonder where you got the chair. It's exactly what I am looking for...


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