Monday, June 14, 2010

colorado shop-hopping

Hello again from Colorado! I thought I would pop in and post a quick update. It was cloudy, cold and rainy all weekend, so we didn't make any treks into the mountains (we couldn't even see the foothills under all of that cloud cover). It was even chilly enough last night and tonight to turn on our hotel room fireplace. Today my mom and I had fun at Park Meadows Mall, which had some great shops we don't have at home, and I thought it was funny how many huge, working fireplaces they had. I didn't buy much today -- just some new eyeliner at Sephora and a little something for Nathan's upcoming birthday.

my spot in front of the fire

But just because I didn't get much at the mall today doesn't mean I haven't been shopping my tail off. Instead of having mountain adventures, my parents and I bummed around Denver and nearby towns and got in a ton of shop-hopping to local quilt/fabric shops. My favorites were Harriet's Treadle Arts, High Prairie Quilts and Fancy Tiger. It's been a blast - I've gotten an embarrassing stash of fabrics and more to take home with me. Good thing we will be shipping a box of our purchases home, because there is NO extra room in my suitcase!

Fancy Tiger shop in Denver, CO

We've also hit up a few other stores we just don't have access to at home, like Tattered Cover bookstore and The Container Store (where I almost passed out from wanting things so badly). And yesterday, my dad drove us to see the house where he lived in the 60s and the school he attended, as well as his childhood haunts and other places he remembers.

 colored boxes @ The Container Store

Nathan will be flying out in the morning, and I can't wait for him to get here. Mom and I will be making the trek to pick him up at the airport, since Dad is working this week. We're planning on going over to Golden to do the Coors brewery tour, then let Nathan explore the downtown area while Mom and I hit up the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Wednesday we think we'll do Downtown Denver, and though we're not sure what Thursday holds, dinner with my grandparents is on our schedule; then it's camping in South Park and heading for the mountains for exploring on Saturday!


  1. Ahhh...the container store. I have never been to one, but have been online and seen it in tons of magazines. It makes the OCD in me happy. :)

  2. We sure had fun. I don't know what was best, but the Fancy Tiger and the Container Store certainly rank.


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