Saturday, September 26, 2009

to the fair and beyond

Lots of recent happenings I have to show off! First of all, I have to make you jealous by linking to my photoset of pictures from the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. It was absolutely fantastic - my second year to go, the weather was 20 times better and the vendors were great. A few favorites from 2008 were missing (like the enamelware shop) but there were some fantastic new ones to fill their shoes (my favorite: Olive Grace). Anyway, it was beautiful, extremely inspiring and made me ready for fall. I needed a push to get me in the Halloween spirit - at the magazine, we work on our autumn issue in the middle of summer, and we're just now finishing our holiday issue before October has even hit. It's nice to be reigned back into reality!

 Speaking of Halloween and the CL fair, I got another seasonal punchneedle kit from the Country Threads booth and finished it before the week was out. At the 2008 fair, I learned how to punchneedle and got a cute pumpkin pattern; this year, the pattern I got is called "Dancing with the Stars" - I had to get one with a cat. (I have turned into a total cat person because of Spike. I never thought this would happen.)

I also finally bought the glue you're supposed to use to glue down the back - it's this great stuff that comes out like white glue, then dries like clear plastic. Anyway, I never finished mounting the pumpkin from last year, so I bought a couple beveled wood panels from Hobby Lobby and painted them with some craft paint before mounting both pieces. I'm pretty happy with them! I think they'll be fun to get out every year.

I also have a craft project to show off that I finished a couple weeks ago and sent away for an online swap. The swap theme was "favorite room of your house", and my recipient picked the nursery she's getting ready for her baby son, due in December. She liked owls and planned on doing the room in green - I found the cutest tutorial at Moonstitches. It was super easy and I love how it turned out. I think she liked it, too.

And just one more crafty project for now...I made one more step in making over our bedroom: lamps. I spraypainted the bases of two of the lamps red and bought fresh white lampshades. They look ten thousand times better. Here is the before:

...and the after:

A major improvement, I think! I also replaced the lamp on my side of the bed. The one we had matches a set of lamps from Nathan's Man Room, but it's too clunky for the new look - so I sent it to the room where it belongs and bought a simple new base and shade (on sale, woohoo!) Before...

and after:

I think that improvement speaks for itself...I like the old lamp just fine, but the new one will fit into the new look so much better. All I have left to do (except for the perfect wall art and accessories, but those will come over time) is to sew up one second set of curtains and to throw on the new bedding. Maybe tomorrow!

So, that was a lot of updates at one time - I've been hard pressed to find the time and energy to blog about every little thing lately. Work is fantastic, but I've been enjoying my down time where I can get it. Never fret, the trip to the CL fair has me pumped for all kinds of projects, which should give me plenty to blog about for awhile. Up next: decorating for Halloween.


  1. Hey -- I love the lamps! They look great! I'm not sure I would have thought of that. They would have looked cool in a bright turquoise too :) I'm jealous of the Country Living Fair. I'll have to take off one year and go with you guys!

  2. Those lamps are awesome! The red really makes the scrolly designs stand out. Now I want to paint our lamps :)

    I'm so jealous of the fall least it finally feels like fall around here today!


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