Saturday, August 22, 2009

shame, shame

Shame on me! I've been a bad blogger. Life and work have gotten the best of me lately and I've let a few things fall by the wayside...blogging being one of them. So sorry! Anyway, life goes on. Things are going well around here. Work is great - the newest issue is hitting newsstands; I'm pretty dang excited becuase I've got my first two bylines in this issue! One article is completely mine from top to bottom and I'm thrilled - it's actually also the free article for the website for this issue, so you can check it out on the magazine website and download individual project instructions. And --- Sew Beautiful is on facebook and twitter if you want to follow us there.

Other than that, I'm trying to get in some crafting and house stuff when I can. I sewed up a simple table runner quilt out of a Moda charm pack (Recess) and all I have left is to sew on some binding. It's pretty cute, but definitely more of a sewing therapy project than a stunning example of my quilting prowess. I also started on a little hand embroidery project as a birthday present for my boss, but I got a little t0o ambitious to finish the design in time. I'm hoping I can finish it before she returns from vacation Tuesday. I've been having a good time stitching on the couch with it - I forgot how relaxing it is!

This morning, Nathan went out to buy a fresh bag of coffee and brough me some doughnuts (love him). We're watching the new Monk on On Demand, and then I'm going to go buy a couple cans of paint so we can get to work on the bedroom today. Finally! I'll post pictures when we're done, for sure. Maybe the painting will give me some incentive to finish the curtains I had planned on making for that room. I'll get there, eventually...

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  1. Maybe I can help you figure out your walking foot for the next quilty project.


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