Tuesday, June 2, 2009

back from my world tour

So sorry for the lapse in posting, but I've been so busy driving up and down Alabama the last few weeks, getting a magazine to print deadline at work, and doing lots of laundry. :) First was our Memorial Day weekend trip to my sister's house in Daphne, AL (Mobile area) where I got to see my sweet nephews, Bridger (3) and Taplin (1):

We had a great visit just hanging out and bumming around town. Nathan and I were saying on the way home how it was one of our favorite visits down there, and we can't put our finger on why exactly - probably just because it was so relaxed and we just had fun together. Sunday was especially nice, since after church we went over to my sister's in-laws' house and laid around at the pool all day...ahhh, summertime!

After our trip back from Daphne, we spent three short days at home working and doing laundry before turning back south again to Eufaula, Alabama. Our friends Blair and Laura got married Saturday afternoon and Nathan was a groomsman, so we had lots of festivities to attend - a rehearsal, wedding day brunch, and of course the wedding.

It was super swanky, gorgeous, and tons of fun. The wedding was very small and intimate at an old Catholic church. Afterward, the reception was at the Shorter Mansion with a cocktail hour inside beforehand with a magician and a jazz pianist (their "signature drink" was a Tom Collins, and they had servers with trays and trays of hors d'Ĺ“uvres - our favorite was the bacon-wrapped scallions) followed by a late evening out back under the stars. There was a huge main tent with a dance floor, live band, chandeliers, and tables and tables of food - as well as smaller surrounding tents that housed champagne, wedding cake, and cocktails. Definitely a major event, and so beautiful!

We had a really nice time, but of course it's always good to come back home. Spike missed us immensely and is sick of us leaving him at home. His meowing and crazy antics are at a high right now while he fights for our attention, but I'm sure he'll get better over the next week. I've personally got to get back to my to-do list, which is huge! Hopefully I'll have more projects to post about soon.

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