Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Links

Happy Official-Start-of-Christmas-Season! I did not head out for shopping today...rather, I slept in, am still in my pajamas, and have been importing tons and tons of music into our iTunes. I listen to my iPod constantly at work, and I have been getting sick of the same stuff, so I went through my old cd's and have lots of music files that need to be converted into iTunes. Seemed like a productive thing to do on Day 3 of my Thanksgiving vacation.

Right now, I'm cozied up in a blanket at my computer with Christmas HGTV shows playing, the heater right on my feet, and one hand in a box of Cheez-Its. The Christmas tree is up and Nathan is out hunting. I'm happy.

The Joys of Microscope Photography @ Dark Roasted Blend
This is just cool, if not a little gross.

Take comfort, give comfort @ Anna Maria Horner
I love this idea for a sweet little recipe folio.

Advent Calendars! @ The Crafty Cow
If you don't have an Advent calendar, you need one! Get to it!!

As if I need another craft blog to read...

Indygo Junction
I recently discovered Indygo Junction through work, and I absolutely love their books and products. They have such great ideas for sewing projects, and they do them really well. It's hard to find great sewing resources that aren't either full of cheese or super-modern.

Holiday Project: Celebration Candle @ DIY Alert
This is a sweet idea!

Photo Advent Calendar @ A Thousand Words (via ljc fyi)
Check out ljc fyi's completed version - love it.


  1. I need an advent calendar. I love the one from Pottery Barn Kids. Maybe next year...

  2. P.S. Well, it's not available anymore, but this was it:


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