Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3rd Annual Country Living Fair - Columbus, OH

It was amazing! We had an absolute blast.

It was held at the beautiful Ohio Historical Village. Saturday was a bit rainy off and on, and very soggy; but we toughed it out and it was so worth it. We spent the entire day wearing ourselves out at all the booths and some demonstrations, hit up Cheesecake Factory for dinner (I highly recommend the fried macaroni and cheese), and crashed early. Sunday was warm and sunny and muggy, but gorgeous. We saw a lot of things we realized we missed on Saturday and went to some fantastic demonstrations. That afternoon we went to supper at a great Tuscan restaurant, walked and window-shopped a little bit at Easton Town Center (where our hotel was located), and crashed to get ready for the ride home.

One of the two best demonstrations was Jodi Kahn of Simply Sublime Bags, with a whole no-sew/low-sew bags theme. All I have to say is: awesome. Her presentation was wonderful - the best of all we saw; she was so personable, funny, and full of great stories and information. And on top of that, her bags were great - iron-on vinyl, staples, duct tape, placemats, etcetera...loved it all! We bought the book and are planning on having a no-sew bag-making party at work. (Kind of funny since we work at a sewing

We also got the opportunity to see contributing Country Living editors Richard Kollath and Ed McCann, who were fantastic! Richard was hysterical. They demonstrated flower/table arranging, and made it look so easy. They had done the tablescapes and decorating in the Country Living Craft Room (one of the demo houses at the historical village) and then showed some great ideas using goods you could buy there at the fair. Flower arranging is so over my head, but they did make these amazing flower balls that I totally want to make - I absolutely loved them! They also showed how they press leaves from different trees and different seasons, then framed them in cheap, simple frames - gorgeous.

We all bought a lot and had a great time. I can't wait to go back next year! The setting was perfect, nicely spread out with lots of great scenery, and very fitting for all the antiques and artisans. My coworkers who went last year said that it was much bigger than last year. Parking wasn't bad at all, thank goodness, and thanks to my wonderful Dad and his frequent flier reward points, we got to stay in some nice hotel suites free of charge. Thanks, Dad. :)

I'm still trying to recover - tired, sore feet, sore back. But I love all my goodies. I'll take pictures and post about them soon! But (as if I haven't posted a million right here) you can check out the rest of my pictures from the fair in their flickr set.

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