Wednesday, August 27, 2008

such is life

I have been such a neglectful blogger/crafter. Whoops! Life is busy.

Last weekend was great, despite my having a terrible sinus infection. I felt awful, but armed with antibiotics and lots of Robitussin, it was really nice to have my sister-in-law Michelle's family stay with us for the weekend. My sister was in town as well with her husband and little ones, so it was cool to get to see all of our nephews in one weekend. We got all 3 boys together Saturday afternoon for awhile - that was pretty funny. Bridger really liked Mac, I think - wanted to hug him and pat his head. We had to make sure he wasn't too rough. At almost 3, he doesn't realize his own strength. And boy is he almost 3 - his little attitude is hysterical! Of course, that's not nice of me to say...but he's just growing up so much, I can't help it. It's also easy to think it's a little cute when I only saw him for a few hours and I have no children. :)

Mac and Taplin, the baby nephews, are also getting really big. Taplin is smiling all the time, and Mac is making lots of baby talk and pulling up on legs and furniture. He is going to be walking so soon! I can't believe he'll be 1 in December...I feel like he was just born yesterday. With Tap only being about 5 months younger than Mac, it's cool to gauge what stuff he'll start to do. Right now he's rolling over.

Can you tell my nephews are my pride and joy? My mom has some pictures up from the weekend on her blog..check them out.

Work is wonderful, and this weekend I'm supposed to head out of town on a bachelorette girls weekend for my girlfriend/college roommate Jessica. Tropical storm Gustav is looking pretty threatening, and they're saying it is going to speed back up to a fairly strong hurricane before hitting the Gulf Coast on Monday...ugh. I am just hoping for the best for now. I guess we'll have a better idea of its forecast tomorrow and Friday.

Anyway, tonight I'm trying to take care of laundry for the weekend trip. Nathan's headed to the beach too with some of his friends...hopefully it works out for everyone.

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