Thursday, July 24, 2008

recent web work

Two new websites went up this week that I want to share with you all. First of all, I've been working with my mom on a revamp of her teacher website that my sister first created for her several years ago. We decided to go with a green/elephant theme and really just tried to streamline the navigation and things like assignment pages.

She uses the website on a daily basis during the year with her 7th grade English classes to publish daily class activities, homework assignments, and weekly journal topics, as well as other class information. It is still a work in progress - we are still pulling together info for different sections and she will be able to add to the assignment pages throughout the year. I have also not yet installed the Wordpress blog that she can use to post class updates or fun things for her students to use online. She is waiting on the arrival of Adobe Contribute to use for managing the content - a big switch from the obsolete/outdated Frontpage! Contribute was made to work especially seamlessly with Dreamweaver-created pages (which I use), since they are both web programs put out by Adobe. I think she will really enjoy it! Check it out live:

The other website I have been working on just went live yesterday - Poppyrock Designs. This is the graphic design identity of Laura Brezinski, a fantastic designer I came into contact with just within this last year via a friend at work. She took a chance on me back when I didn't have much to show for my web capabilities and I am so thankful for it!

We have worked together in the past on a different website (Fabbri) and essentially, she designs the entire look and feel of the entire site; and then she hands the design files to me to me to code into a working website. Both the Fabbri site and her new portfolio site have ended up being Flash sites. I love working with Laura and I recently got to visit her at her (gorgeous) home in Madison and saw more of her work in person. I told her I wanted to be her when I grow up, and I meant it! I am really looking forward to working with her more in the future. See the site live:


  1. I am very excited about the new look for my web site. Since I teach between 130 and 140 students a day, your design and work will touch lots of lives. Students and parents always tell me they appreciate keeping up to date through the Internet. I am anxious to get the blog up and running. Hope the new software comes today. I loved your sister's design and her idea of maintaining a daily site (with my own domain), but with FrontPage problems, it was time for a new look. Thank you for your work and your vision!

  2. The Poppyrock site is slick! I like the way it morphs between the pages.


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