Tuesday, July 8, 2008

one year down

Happy First Anniversary to us! : ) Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary. We celebrated all weekend...went antiquing in Fayetteville, out to dinner at an extremely delicious restaurant, and took the day off work yesterday. Here are the goodies we bought ourselves in Fayetteville...

A 1950's Coca-Cola syrup jug, still with label:

A 50s-ish aluminum Coke crate, in a rare 12-pack versus 6:

And the best of all!!! A 40s-50s metal Coke sign we've been looking at for about a year now. The white background is fairly rare. I love it!

We also thawed out the top of our wedding cake, and I found the topper...

Remember the cupcake tree? I have been looking at wedding pictures this weekend. : ) I even made our buddy Mark look at our wedding album when he came over Friday night. Sorry, Mark.

It honestly was not bad - pretty good, actually!

And Nathan did an amazing job with my gift. : ) A few weeks ago we went to the Sidewalk Arts Stroll downtown, which we both really enjoyed last summer. There was an artist there that I have had my eye on for a couple years, Dan Tatum, who had this gorgeous watercolor and prints called "Huntsville Steeples". I loved it so much - it's a montage of all the beautiful old church steeples in Downtown Huntsville. I like it for so many reasons; we both love downtown Huntsville, it's local, and I have this crazy love for old churches. Nathan was very sneaky about calling the artist after the show and "reserving" the painting for me. He saved up his cash and bought it for me - the original!

The painting itself is about 14"x17". I just love it. He surprised me - I went into the kitchen where he had been getting our coffee ready yesterday morning, and then I came around the corner and it was just sitting there on a chair. I was shocked! I love it, baby...Happy Anniversary. : )


  1. LOVE that painting of the Huntsville steeples. And happy anniversary! Mine and Jeff's is tomorrow on the 9th. Have we established that we have practically the same anniversary?
    BTW, good luck on Thursday! Benae told me all about it and I think that's completely exciting!

  2. Way to go Nathan! I also love it--watercolor paintings are my very favorite. BTW, the church we got married in (First Methodist) is in the painting. Happy Anniversary!!

  3. I am so happy for the two of you. Your wedding was beautiful last year, and you have had a good start to your marriage this year it seems. All of your anniversary treasures are perfect! The sign is really special. I am looking forward to seeing them in person. Way to go, Nathan, on the painting.


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