Monday, May 19, 2008

weekend in atlanta

We're back from a nice long weekend in Atlanta (Smyrna to be exact) visiting Nathan's big sister Michelle, brother-in-law Sean, and our 4-month-old nephew Mac. We had a great time. Visiting the Flinn's is always so relaxing!

Of course, the best part was seeing sweet Mac. He gets bigger every time we see him and he is one of the most alert babies I've ever been around. He definitely knows his name, he's holding his head up really well, rolling over all the time and even rocking a little bit on his knees. And he is a serious wiggle worm!

He started on cereal recently, but he really wasn't in love with the oatmeal this weekend.

He had a lot of fun with his Uncle Nathan:

And he even got to take a trip to Mellow Mushroom. Then he played with his toes all the way home in the car. It was a big day.

Michelle and I hit some of the neighborhood yard sales on Saturday morning and I got a few good deals. I collect unique little crosses, so I was excited when I paid 25 cents for these two tin crosses...originally marked $6.00 on each from wherever they were bought.

I'm going to take off the ugly maroon tassles and just hang them as-is. I love them. I also bought Nathan 5 very nice silk ties for $1 each.

He needs the variety, so it was a good find. And last but not least, I got this great rug for $5!

It's definitely not brand new, but it's in pretty great condition. It doesn't have to go with us to our next house, but it helps cover up more of the wood floor (and catch more dust) while we're here. I need to get a rug slip for underneath it, but can you believe the ones I saw at Target were $15 and $20?! I am so cheap.

Saturday night, Michelle made this incredible pasta with shrimp and salami in it - it was so good.

Anyway, all in all, we had a really nice time. We stopped at some of our favorite antique stores in Chattanooga on the drive home, and Nathan picked up a lot of Dukes of Hazzard loot. I know that was fun for him.

Tonight we are about to drive his old truck (a fabulous tomato red '78 GMC) out to his cousin Brandon's house, so he can help him get it in shape for everyday driving. We sold his Silverado to his dad last week...sad for Nathan, I know, but now we are 100% debt free and saving even more every month! I have told him over and over again that we could have definitely kept his "Blue Dragon" if he really wanted to -- that it was up to him whether we got rid of it or not -- but he defaulted and decided to get rid of the loan payments for now. It really will free up a lot of extra money for us to save until we get ready to make a downpayment on a house nest year. Plus, I love the old truck. :)


  1. Hey. I just noticed that we both posted yard sale finds. I guess we're both thrifty shoppers. Love the crosses btw!

  2. The rug looks wonderful! We need to garage sale here sometime soon.

  3. Cool! Don't you just love a good find!


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