Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Links

Way too many links today. But perhaps they will help entertain you on the 3-day weekend! :)

Craft Gym and Stitch Lounge
Two awesome places that make me wish I lived in San Francisco...or that we had something like them here.

Baking bread at the top of the world
Pretty awesome story about a bakery on Mount Everest. Gives a whole new meaning to baking at high altitude, doesn't it? (Har har har)

Designer Dribbles
Cute personalized baby gifts and stuff - my sister sent this one to me. There is a golf burp cloth that would be perfect for my nephew Mac.

Umbrella Pot
This is so odd. It's an umbrella holder that collects water at the bottom to grow moss in a little pot. You have to see it to get it.

The mathematical formulas behind logos. Hysterical.

Promote Your Design Business and Save The Earth While You’re At It
I'm really interested in the whole "green design" business - this has some great ideas.

Martha Stewart: Craft of the Day (via Craft:)
This is awesome because it's, duh, Martha's Craft of the Day.

Shark Cupcakes made by my sister Meghan!
These are so cool, I'm 100% impressed! For my nephew Bridger's last day of school.

Flickr Pool: Inspiration Boards
This whole pool is inspiration in itself - a collection of pictures of other artist/designer/musicians/writer/crafters' inspiration boards. This is why I need an office.

tin can cover at elsie marley
Such a cute idea and great for recycling - I love the little kitchen utensil and office embroidery patterns!

Coffee and Vanilla
Says it's a "Euro-Caribbean Food Blog." My favorite is the lunchboxes section (link at the top.)

How to turn an old sweatshirt into a no-sew cuddly pet blanket.
Great idea. I think Louie would probably die for one of these. And then kill it.

Tree Fall Design
Blog full of beautiful fabric work. She especially has some incredible, surprisingly gorgeous pieces made completely out of selvage edges and tags from fabric. Love it!

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  1. Hi Shannon :)
    What a great site!
    I found it by chance through Google alerts on link to my site ;)
    Thank you for mentioning my blog.
    I love your crafts.


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