Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Links

It's that time again, yall. Happy Friday!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project, Presented by Kitsune Noir
Free, beautiful desktop wallpapers.

The Chief Happiness Officer
The blog of a man who believes in the possibility of a happy, energized workplace... lots of good articles and pick-me-ups if nothing else.

How to make a super simple camera case at Pink Penguin
This is lovely. Could definitely be used for something other than a camera...I am considering buying Nathan/us a slim little digital camera for when we don't want to lug around our big nice one, and I would totally make one of these for it.

WordPress Makes Sense For Many Non-Blog Websites at iface
I'm preparing to redesign my mom's teaching website for her, and I've been researching different tools we could use to make it functional and easy to update. As you all know I recently invested in the Wordpress phenomenon (it's free) and I love it so far. This article kind of outlines the ways you can use it in other ways than personal blogging. (I'm thinking about wikispaces for classes, too.)

20 Invoicing Tools for Web Designers at Six Revisions
What it says it is. Lots of ideas...of course I'm mostly into the free-to-cheap ones.

Jamali Garden
Online store full of beautiful and totally affordable home/garden decor. I'm considering spending my whole allowance here next week...

Springy Flower Pot Desserts: A Blast From My Past at The Pioneer Woman Cooks!
These are great!! It reminds me of a birthday party I had once (10th?) that was garden-themed...we had a dirt cake with worms in it. These are so adorable. Plus, I just love reading Ree's blogs. She's hilarious.

10 Fabulously DIY-able Headboard Ideas at Curbly
I will need these ideas when we buy a house and have babies. :)

How to Make Food/Cereal Box Wallets at RePlayGround
This is just good fun, and in fact the whole RePlayGround website is pretty great.

The Marketing Mix Blog
Quality blog focused on topics for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, independent professionals...good stuff here. It's definitely made its way into my Google Reader.

Splat Print
Looks to be even cheaper than VistaPrint. 1000 2-sided full color business cards for $30? Yes please. I wish I had the money to support local printers, but...sadly, when I am a small business that has zero money to work with, I have to take it somewhere else. :( That makes me feel very guilty. Local printers, I promise that when I actually have cash to spend, I will come to you.

Tutorials! at Creative Kismet
Uh...inspiration GALORE!!! It's like a best-of-Friday-Links, but all crafty tutorials, and all fabulous.

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  1. Love the tutorials link! Thanks so much for sharing YOUR fav links!



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