Thursday, March 20, 2008

Friday Links!

And Good Friday greetings to all...I am very excited about all the Easter festivities this weekend. There is going to be an Easter Egg Hunt at our church park tomorrow - if you want to come and/or bring any children you know to participate, go for it! I know there has been lots of lovely egg-stuffing and whatnot going on, and I believe the weather is supposed to cooperate. Of course, there is also a Sunrise Service and regular Easter service on Sunday. If you want the details, just let me know. :)

On with the linkage. Enjoy!

Softies Central: Easter Bunnies
Adorable crafted Easter bunnies, chicks, and eggs..and where you can go to buy them on Etsy.

How to: Make a Toilet Roll Extension Cord Holder via AT Los Angeles
You'll be surprised how cute it is. Coordinating all your cords at home with fabulous fabric and paper? Yes please!

Mundane LifeFocus Card System
You really have to see this and read it to get what's going on, but basically it's sets of cards that you can download, fill in checklists for mundane things you do or should do every day/week, and print & cut out. You carry it around with you and check things off as you go...everything from drinking water to remembering to take 5 for catching your breath. Funny and random, but pretty cool!

Tutorial: Handwoven Greeting Cards via Craftypod
This would be a lovely way to use all that beautiful yarn that I want to buy but never have any use for, because my knitting skills leave something to be desired.

The Silly BooDilly
I am so utterly in love with this woman's quilting and embroidery skills, it is pathetic.

New Uses for Peeps via Real Simple
Useful or not, who doesn't love Peeps?!

Use Kitchen Items to Unclutter your Desk via Curbly
LOVE. THIS. SO. MUCH. This is one of those things where I get pangs of jealousy because I want my stuff to look like that. And I'm pretty sure that if I copied it in my house, it would never look the same as the pictures. :)

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
These people foster kittens and blog about it. I don't know how else to describe this but as totally fluffy. The pictures are so adorable, they make me want to go out and get a kitten. :/

Egg Cup Cozies for Easter

A rundown of Easter egg cozies..I had never even heard of "egg cup cozies" until this year, and now it seems like they're everywhere, especially in the crafting community!

bugs and fishes

Stunning sewn felt crafts...I want to be this woman. My felt crafts don't quite look this amazing.

Crafting 365
Run by the woman who owns the above blog, this is a Flickr pool whose members try to craft at least a little every day for a year, and post pictures of their craftworks here. Pages and pages and pages of crafty goodness!!

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