Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Links

Happy Friday! Turns out we are not going to Atlanta to stay with Nathan's sis and brother-in-law as expected. That's okay - the weather is gross and we have plans to go at the end of the month. However, we are going to take care of this booger all week while my mom spends her spring break in Colorado with my dad. I'm excited to have him at our house - he is the best cuddler - but prepared for all of his pugness too.

Alright, links time, enjoy! Lots of papercraft today..

"A garbage can made from garbage. How poetic."
It's a garbage can made out of magazines. Lovely. Reminds me of these recycled newspaper crafts at Ten Thousand Villages.

Envelope Accordion Book at Paper Source
This is great - and a good use of all those book-making supplies I still have from a book arts class I took my last semester of college. This would be such a sweet mini-scrapbook as a gift, no?

Mini Felted Chick
CUTE. I have never felted, needle or wet - a small project like this might be the way to start. I'm thinking maybe I could try an elephant instead?

Really odd and beautiful paper and wire sculptures and dresses.

How About Orange
Yet another sweet blog with lots of inspiration. Category links are downpage on the right.

Paper Forest
It's another blog. About paper arts. *swoon*

Cupcake Bake Shop
Now, you all know how I feel about cupcakes. This is an absolutely fantastic blog with tons of cupcake inspiration, recipes, icing recipes, serving ideas - looove it. I used to check it a lot when I was deciding on my cupcake-wedding-cake.

Invitation Outlet
Lots of blank or custom envelopes, invitations, cardstock...pretty decent prices, too.

DIY Cardboard Magazine Box
I found this and now I need to try it out. They would be so cute all papered up in matchy patterns or in fabric...Sigh, yet another wonderful idea for my future dream office.

Redone Telephone Bench at Ubercrafty
LOVE IT. I see these for pretty low prices at antique stores all the time, and I always think how cute they would be all fixed up. This is exactly what I mean! Now I just have to get my own...

Flickr: The Song Chart Pool
Absolutely hysterical. They're like those pictogram/rebus puzzles where you have to figure out what saying they represent, except it's charts and graphs that represent songs.

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  1. Love, love, love the "How About Orange" blog. Great design inspiration and DIY project tips.


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