Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sick days

We've been sick at the Miller house. Poor Nathan was out for the count Friday night after not feeling good all day. He was absolutely miserable Friday night and Saturday. He finally got into the doctor Monday afternoon and they told him he had strep! Poor thing. :( He and I both stayed home from work yesterday to recuperate. I probably shouldn't have gone to work on Monday, but I had an important meeting that I didn't want to miss in the afternoon. I don't think I have strep, but it's something. Anyway, we're both feeling a lot better today and are at work, ready to take on the world, so that's good. I'm hunkered down behind my monster computer, snuggled up in a big sweater and trying to pretend like I'm not here. :) The SNOW will do that to you! Wasn't it gorgeous out this morning? Something about a drizzle of white on a cold, clear morning will lift your least in Alabama, where we never see this stuff. ;) But it does make me wish I were not in my windowless office today. I took some pictures before bed last night of the snow on my car. I'll post them later.


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