Thursday, February 14, 2008

extra juicy Friday links!

Hey yall - I think I have some entertaining Friday links to make up for missing last week. :) Enjoy!

Martha Stewart's blog. I need not explain how fabulous it is that the woman even *has* a blog. Despite all the fairly recent controversy...I just can't help myself. I love her.

If you're a fan of Ikea and DIY, you'll be a fan of this blog. Look through some of the archives, on the right under "Explore" by category. Super adorable stuff and great, cheap ideas.

Even Martha links to this one from her own blog. :) I found it earlier this week through a different link to this post about using baking soda on your drains.

Um, it's the entire Bible illustrated in Lego blocks.

I was doing some research at this blog earlier this week. I found the results interesting..especially the website part. ;)

This is just fun. Widgets that you can customize for your blog/MySpace and whatnot, if you're into that.

Take it or leave it. I think it looks really interesting.

I saved this link mostly for inspiration, but if you look through some of the archives it is really fun even if you aren't into graphic art.

I want these. Now!

Fabulous blog. Tons of great ideas and projects and beautiful photography to look at! I spent probably 2 hours procrastinating here yesterday without a shred of guilt..

How to Blind Hem Jeans @
How to hem your jeans without them looking hemmed. Fabulous. Especially for the shorter of us... like me.

The Curiosity Shoppe
Absolutely fabulous, entertaining store. Stuff you really, really want but probably don't need. Note I said "probably." ;)

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