Sunday, February 17, 2008

back from daphne

We're back from Daphne...we had a great weekend with my sister and her family. You can see lots of pictures in this photoset on flickr. (All the hiking pictures are from Saturday when we went out to Blakely State Park.) Obviously..most of them are my sweet nephew Bridger. He cracked us up all weekend. I can't get over how big he is getting..or how big his baby-brother-to-be Taplin is getting! I could feel Tap moving around lots in Meghan's belly, which was pretty awesome. I can't wait for my 3rd nephew to get here.

I am so glad I don't have to work tomorrow. I plan on catching up on some freelance jobs and other exciting stuff, like laundry and other projects on which I've been procrastinating. If we're lucky, I'll even make it to the grocery store.

Time to get back to the couch. :)

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