Friday, January 18, 2008

links of the week...Week One!

Many of the blogs I read have regular posts of their daily/weekly/found links. You may or may not have noticed that I added a new link in our sidebar to "Shannon's," which is my account on the social bookmarking site, I highly recommend it for cataloging your links. I got my mom on it and we are connected in one another's "network," so we can see one another's saved links easily. I love it! I read a lot of blogs and forums where I stumble across all kinds of great resources, but I never seem to bookmark them or recall where I saw things later...And the tagging/tag bundling feature is easy and really useful as well.

Anyway, has a feature that lets you install a scheduled, automatic blog post of your week's saved links. I was so excited to see this! was made for an API that doesn't work with Blogger. I have seen a few hacks that say they make delicious auto-posting work, but I figured I'll just post my favorite links from the week myself and call it even.

So, without further ado, I present to you Week One of my Friday link listings that I think I'm going to start. We'll see how it goes. Enjoy! :)

A great open-source sewing pattern website. Free downloadable patterns that you can print out and piece together, with pictures of finished creations other people have made. I was looking for a trouser pattern to try out -- I desperately need new work pants! I found a few that look great. I think I'm going to get some sale fabric and try it out. If worst comes to worst, I'll have some new crafting pants. Or at least some new scrap fabric and a learning experience....?!

See Jane Work
Really adorable, girly office supplies and the like. I want to live in this website. Even more, I wish I had a home office in which to use it all. :(

Living in a Garbage Truck
A supremely unique take on the have got to see it to believe it.

Rules of Thumb
Every "rule of thumb" you could ever need, on any subject you could never need...

How to Make a Necktie
I hear it is fairly easy.

I don't know what to say, except that I could read this blog for hours at a time and never get bored. Totally inspiring. Years of archives.

Alabama Mosaic
A digital repository that many libraries throughout the state built together. Lots of very cool pictures to look at. I did a search for Ryland and found a very old picture of the original Central School.

How to Make Crystal Clear Ice
It's true! Cute little video that basically tells you to boil tap water once, cool it, boil it again, cool it, then pour into trays and freeze.

Tiny Buildings
This artist makes little houses and buildings out of recycled paper, like business cards, junk mail, packaging, etcetera. So fun. Yall remember the Christmas village I made this year -- this is what I wish it looked like!

How to Cover a Lampshade Frame
I have one I need to recover -- it's falling apart. No wonder the whole lamp was so cheap. :( But I love the idea of picking my own fabric to coordinate with our house.


  1. cool websites!!! I spent all day looking at them instead of working on my paper for my masters class! what a great waste of time - I thoroughly enjoyed myself! :)

  2. oh hooray!! i'm so glad they entertained you! sometimes it's important to waste time, i think...haha. ;) maybe that's because i waste too much of it, hm... :)


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