Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friday Links, a day early...

Nathan and I are headed out of town early tomorrow morning, so I thought I should go ahead and post my Week 2 links a day early. I'm so excited for our trip -- Beale Street here we come!! Foo Fighters concert tomorrow night, amazing downtown will be a fabulous, much-needed break from reality.

Now on to the entertaining stuff....

My sister sent me a cute Christmas card from this site, so I started looking around...It is a stationary/invitation/announcement website where you can order adorable personalized photo cards. There is a pretty heavy emphasis on children and related kid events, but there are also some cute holiday cards and party invitations too. Of course, it's always cheaper to go to WalMart, but who cares? These are cute enough to make up for it..

Crate & Barrel's younger, modern-er, hipper, trendier little sibling.


I post this mostly because I want to make sure everyone knows it exists! If you have never been to Etsy or seen what they have to offer, you are seriously missing out on one of the best online shopping phenomenons out there..I could spend hours drooling over all the amazing stuff. Their tagline is "the place to buy and sell all things handmade," and it is set up much like Ebay in that it is made up of individual sellers with shops for their own wares. (You need to register to buy, and there is no bidding -- only set prices.) You can find anything. It's awesome. And if you want to sell your own stuff, sign up, set up shop, go for it. I made a little money there last year with a shop I had for awhile.

Jewelry storage ideas, from Blueprint Magazine (Martha Stewart)

Flickr: Photos from the Library of Congress
Okay, this is just cool. This is history the way I like it.

One Good Bumblebee
Adorable little one-woman shop.. lots of cutesy, kitschy, funky little things for you and your house. Kids stuff, too. My favorite is the Paper & Books section. I want to own it.

the purl bee
This is a great blog for knitting, crocheting, patchwork, sewing...amazing eye candy and inspiration, even if you don't "do" textile crafts. Page down on the right for a list of archives by category.

Whip Up
Tagline: "Handicraft in a hectic world." Cute community blog based on just that. You can find the category archives in a dropdown list, downpage a little on the right.

Proverbs 31 Ministries
A woman at church sent some quotes she found on this site, so I checked it out and bookmarked it. It's a nondenominational Christian website specifically for women with bunches of articles/devotions on all different topics. I think it's a fairly new website, but I could be wrong. Anyway, lots to look at for anyone interested.

Aparment Therapy, ohdeedoh, The Kitchen
I have seen Apartment Therapy before (if you haven't check it out,) but not ohdeedoh -- Apartment Therapy's site for babies and children. Tons of ideas...I sent it to my sister and she said her favorite was the room tours, where you can look at photos from real nurseries/kids' rooms. Similar site based on the kitchen at....dum dum dum, "The Kitchen." Enthusiast
Free patterns. Okay, a little bit of home-sewn cheese here, but if you dig a little, there are some project ideas that, with the right fabric and good technique, could be super cute. I found it by looking for a free clutch purse pattern, which they had.

Amy Butler
I kind of want to *be* Amy Butler when I grow up.

Animator vs. Animation
Hilarious little Flash animation this guy made...funny for anyone, but especially hilarious to anyone who has ever used or tried to use Flash..

Rumpled Quilt Skins
SUPER CUTE patterns for quilted stuffed have to buy the patterns, but when you consider how much a handsewn stuffed animal would cost retail, less than $10/pattern is worth it.

The Princess of Pop-ups
The blog of a self-proclaimed "paper engineer and illustrator" which showcases pictures and how-to's for some super adorable popup cards. A great use for all those addictive scrapbooking supplies when, if you're like me, you hoard... but rarely use for actual scrapbooking. (Admit it.)

My Favorite Knot
Last but not least, a beautiful knot for sewing and embroidery thread that I might have to use the next time I attempt stitching anything together. (By the way, the pants I talked about last week from were a hilarious disaster, but a learning experience. If you want to call it that. Hehe...good thing the fabric was cheap!!)

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