Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Happy Tuesday....only 3 more days until Friday. :) Yesterday was a long day. Comcast said that they would show up between 11 and 2, so Nathan went home from work from 11-12:30 and I went from 12:30-2:00. They never came! I left and went back to work...then they called and finally showed up at almost 4:00. On top of that, the cable outlet situation in our old house is a wreck....almost hilarious. Long story short, we have one cable outlet in the entire house! Nathan and I want to get at least one more put in so that the tv and computer don't have to sit together on the same wall. It is sort of messing with our Feng Shui.

Anyway, last night we had our second supper at home. I made spicy sausage jumbalaya. It was a big hit with my hot-sauce-loving-make-it-so-hot-I-almost-cry husband. ;) We are getting there with the house a little bit at a time, but we both have a lot of stuff at our parents' houses that we still have to move in. Last night after dinner we were both so tired we basically crashed on the couch and enjoyed our new digital cable (of which only half of the channels were working, but...oh well.) I also made air-popped popcorn for the first time in Nathan's old fashioned popper! It was yummy and there are leftovers for today. I am a little bit of a popcorn fiend.

Today I have to buy a new computer mouse and Nathan is going to his men's group meeting at church. I'm probably going to spend the evening working on thank-you notes for the wedding and enjoying my choice of tv shows...at least until Nathan gets home.

I'm ready for the weekend already!


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